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    • Nitrile Rubber Gas Rubber Diaphragm

      Contact NowNitrile Rubber Gas Rubber DiaphragmNitrile Rubber Gas Rubber Diaphragm fabric : Polyester (Dacron) Polyamide (Nylon, High Strength) Cotton High-Temp Polyamide (Nomex®) Liquid Crystal Polymer-based fabrics (Vectran®)Read More

    • Fabric Forced Rubber Diaphragm Bake Cup

      Contact NowFabric Forced Rubber Diaphragm Bake CupFabric forced Rubber Diaphragm Bake cup Ambient Pressure:1-2 BAR Hardness:30-90 shore Power: Hydraulic Operating Temperature:-30 to +105 deg C Detailed images(test machine) Our company ContactRead More

    • Nitrile Rubber Diaphragm

      Contact NowNitrile Rubber DiaphragmNitrile Rubber Diaphragms used in Diaphragm,Dosing,Metering Pumps,Valves,Flow Meters and Other Industrial Applications and our Nitrile Rubber Diaphragms are best known for High Pressure resistance and Good Switching and Long Life Below Variants are available Nylon Inserted Nitrile Rubber...Read More

    • Customized Carburetor Rubber Diaphragm

      Contact NowCustomized Carburetor Rubber DiaphragmCustomized Carburetor rubber diaphragm Product details:Read More

    • Black HNBR Fuel Pump Diaphragm Rubber 70

      Contact NowBlack HNBR Fuel Pump Diaphragm Rubber 70Black HNBR Fuel Pump Diaphragm Rubber 70 Description : 1. Long lifespan, continuous operation can reach tens of thousands of hours; 2. Good fatigue resistance, high intensity, small elastic changes, can be used for high flow and high-pressure requirements; 3. Excellent elasticity, low noise; 4....Read More

    • Eccentric Bearing Rubber Diaphragm

      Contact NowEccentric Bearing Rubber DiaphragmEccentric Bearing Rubber Diaphragm Material:EPDM, PTFE, Fabric insert(extend use life) Dimention: Standard sizes, also can be customized Working pressure:6-8MPA Reinforcement: Nylon Polyester Cotton Nomex Glass fibreRead More

    • Rubber Fabric Leather Seal

      Contact NowRubber Fabric Leather SealRubber Fabric leather seal Material: leather seal Size: as drawing picture and sample MOQ: 200PCSRead More

    • Gas Regulator Flat Rubber Diaphragm

      Contact NowGas Regulator Flat Rubber DiaphragmGas Regulator Flat Rubber Diaphragm Molded Diaphragm Advantages: • Best No Leak Seal • Long Cycle Life • No Lubrication • Effective in harsh environments • Low Friction • Constant effective pressure area • Low hysteresis • Low assembly / Hardware cost • No Spring Rate • Exceptional Sensitivity •...Read More

    • Rubber Diaphragm Seals For Vacuum Pump

      Contact NowRubber Diaphragm Seals For Vacuum PumpRubber Diaphragm Seals for Vacuum Pump SVKS can manufacture a wide range of diaphragms from homogeneous, fabric reinforced diaphragms and rubber bonded to the metal. We manufacturer your components using suitable compounds designed to work in the harshest of environments that are manufactured to...Read More

    • OEM Stype NBR Rubber Diaphragm

      Contact NowOEM Stype NBR Rubber DiaphragmFeatures of Rubber diaphragm 1) The cups in the master cylinder and the wheel cylinder must have certain elasticity and compression deformation and wear resistance to ensure that the cup has a certain returning capacity and sealing ability to transmit hydraulic pressure during use. 2) At high...Read More

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