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Rubber Seals
Feb 14, 2017

Round rubber products, generally to prevent leakage.

High elastic polymers. Is divided into two kinds of natural and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber from rubber trees, rubber, made from plant-derived colloidal processing; from every kind of monomer polymerization of synthetic rubber. Rubber products are widely used in industry, or in all aspects of life.

Rubber seals (Rubber seals) is a common base element in the seal, leakage and seal the contradiction plays a very important role. In the human conquest of nature's process solve the leaking and sealing problem. Has been to promote technological progress, and an important way to prevent and reduce environmental pollution. Rubber seals are widely used in sealing technology of a kind of rubber products. Because the rubber flexible polymer material with valuable, a wide temperature range, smaller in the different media stress will cause large deformation, which can provide a contact pressure compensating leak gap, achieve the purpose of sealing.

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