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hydraulic piston seal
May 28, 2018

1.Good compatibility Because the hydraulic seal is soaked in hydraulic oil for a long time, it easily swells, dissolves, or becomes brittle and becomes hard, causing it to lose its sealing effect. Therefore, the hydraulic seal is required to have good compatibility with the hydraulic oil.

2.The small frictional resistance is to avoid or reduce the unfavorable phenomena such as low pressure creepage of the hydraulic equipment, and the hydraulic seal is required to have low static friction resistance and dynamic friction resistance, and the friction coefficient thereof should be very stable.

3.Long service life Hydraulic seals should have good elasticity, heat resistance, cold resistance, pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, certain physical and mechanical strength, and long service life.

4.Low-cost hydraulic seals should be easy to manufacture and install, and their corresponding seal grooves can be easily processed and manufactured. The requirements for the processing precision of the seal surface are low, and the low grid is inexpensive.


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